TeamViewer绿色破解版 v11.0.66695 绿色单文件企业版

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TeamViewer绿色破解版 – 远程支持、远程访问、在线协作和会议。TeamViewer是一个能在任何防火墙和NAT代理的后台用于穿透内网远程控制软件,用于实现远程支持、远程访问、远程管理、家庭办公及在线协作和会议。TeamViewer绿色破解版 v11.0.65280 绿色单文件企业版

2016.08.23 Version 11.0.65280 New Features QuickSupport for Windows 10 Mobile TeamViewer is the first and currently only solution capable of providing remote support to Windows 10 Mobile devices. Simply download and launch TeamViewer QuickSupport on your Windows 10 mobile device. OneDrive for Business TeamViewer has expanded its list of supported cloud storage providers to include enterprise-level capabilities and now offers integration of OneDrive for Business into your file box. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where key combinations using the 'AltGr' key were not transferred correctly Fixed a bug where it was not possible to reconnect after updating a custom QuickSupport to a custom Host module Fixed a bug when logout of Windows 10 caused the remote window to freeze Fixed a bug where text was scaled incorrectly at high dpi resolutions within the Host module Fixed a bug where TeamViewer could not grab all parts of the virtual monitor Fixed a bug where remote reboot using custom QuickSupport with Windows credentials failed Fixed a bug that caused the "start meeting" button to be displayed as "abort connection" when applying a meeting-restriction policy to devices Fixed a bug where the 100% scaling option did not have any impact Fixed a bug when 'accept exclusively' is set the file transfer and remote control radio buttons were grayed out Fixed a bug where TeamViewer was unable to get online after Windows sleep mode Fixed a bug where some custom QuickSupport modules could not generate a session code Solved some other issues that caused crashes Minor improvements and fixes


by zd423
    TeamViewer绿色破解版 v11.0.66695 绿色单文件企业版

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