Acronis True Image+Bootable ISO破解版 2018 Build 9202 中文版

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Acronis True Image 2018 破解版是由 Arconis 推出的一款 Windows 系统备份和克隆工具,比起赛门铁克公司的 Ghost 来说 Acronis True Image 2018 界面更加直观,操作更加方便,使用它可以轻松对操作系统中的数据、磁盘中的数据以及移动存储设备中的数据进行备份、克隆以及还原等操作,这个版本可以完美兼容 Windows 10 操作系统,并自带了简体中文语言,让你备份数据更加简单。

Acronis True Image+Bootable ISO破解版 2018 Build 9202 中文版
Acronis True Image 是一款可以在 Windows 下使用全部功能的克隆与恢复软件;克隆与恢复的速度最快;支持 DVD 驱动器,企业用户可以将大量数据备份到一张大容量的 DVD 碟片上。 但遗憾的是不能直接进行分区到分区的克隆(但可以直接对系统进行克隆)。Acronis True Image 2017 的优点在于与 Windows 的完全兼容,所有的工作都可以在 Windows 环境下完成,而不需要切换到 DOS 的命令行执行状态.另外,它的速度远远超过另外两款软件,是系统备份与恢复最为方便的工具。
1.可以在 Windows 下使用全部功能的克隆与恢复软件;克隆与恢复的速度最快;
2.支持 DVD 驱动器,企业用户可以将大量数据备份到一张大容量的 DVD碟片上;操作简单。
3.Acronis True Image 的优点在于与 Windows 的完全兼容,所有的工作都可以在 Windows 环境下完成
What’s New Acronis True Image 2018
New! Statistics and backup activity visually show the contents of the backup, provide statistics on the categories of stored files, such as documents, photos, video files, music and others. The backup activity tape allows you to track the history of all backup operations, starting from the moment you created the backup, the status of the operations, and analyze the statistics for successfully completed operations.
Improved Bootable Media Builder to create WinPE-based media using Windows Recovery Environment without downloading additional components – Windows ADK or Windows AIK (up to 6 GB). You can configure the media in Advanced mode or use the predefined Simple Mode settings.
New! The Active Protection dashboard monitors the number of potentially dangerous processes that have been suspended and the number of files copied to the cache to protect against dangerous processes. The Active Protection monitoring panel contains statistics on blocked and trusted processes, and also allows you to manage the list of permissions to configure the regular launch of applications you trust.
Improved compatibility of Active Protection with Windows Defender and other third-party software.
Improved disk cloning utility – You can clone a disk on a running Windows system without using bootable media. Using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Acronis True Image allows you to create a snapshot of the active partition and boot from a new disk.
New! Converting to a virtual machine – Convert Acronis backup files to the Microsoft virtual hard disk format and make sure that the system boots, by running the Hyper-V virtual machine. You can also connect the .vhd (x) file as a virtual hard disk.
New! Accelerated file and system recovery from Acronis Cloud with the WAN optimization option enabled, which increases the download speed from Acronis Cloud data centers.
New! Accelerated incremental backup when copying disks and partitions using Acronis Changed Block Tracker (CBT) technology. This technology reduces the time of incremental and differential backup by monitoring changes in the image in real time.
New! Setting the power for laptops allows you to suspend backups while running on battery power to save battery power. Suspended copy processes will automatically continue after the power adapter is connected.
More convenient interface and other improvements:
Mobile devices are available for selection in the list of backup sources.
Access the context menu with a right-click.
Before starting the backup, the blurring of the window is added.
Fixed an issue in the search dialog that did not allow you to restore multiple files from different versions of the backup.
Fixed an issue in which it was possible to move the backup from a password-protected network to a local disk or to another shared storage.
Known Issues
[TI-109637] Windows Defender pauses after installing Acronis True Image 2018 until Windows is rebooted.
[TI-92941] Running a mobile data backup prevents the computer from entering sleep mode.
[TI-107298] Acronis Startup Recovery can not be activated on a computer with a dynamic system disk.
[TI-107298] Mobile backup storage can not be changed because mobile services are turned off by default.
[TI-108140] An error occurred while editing the backup options after importing the backup settings from the file.
System requirements
Processor with SSE instruction support
Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows 10
Windows 8.1 (all editions)
Windows 8 (all editions)
Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
Windows Home Server
Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
The operation of the software on other Windows systems is not guaranteed.
File Systems
FAT16 / 32
Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4
Linux SWAP
Carriers of data
Internal Hard Drives
External hard drives with any of the following interfaces: USB (including USB 3.0), eSATA, FireWire (IEEE-1394) and SCSI
Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Network storage devices
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