Gif动画录制工具|ScreenToGif绿色版 v2.10.0 中文单文件版

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ScreenToGif,国外免费小巧实用的Gif动画录制工具!使用ScreenToGif, 可将屏幕任何区域及操作过程录制成GIF格式的动画图像,保存过程可对GIF动画进行编辑优化。这款优秀的工具原生单执行文件,界面非常简单,功能很不错,具有录制屏幕、录制摄像头、录制画板、编辑器等功能,编辑器功能非常强大,支持自定义Gif循环播放次数,哪些画面不要的话,还可个别删除掉,相当简单且方便。

Gif动画录制工具|ScreenToGif绿色版 中文单文件版 ScreenToGif2
v2.0 (05/21/2016)
* Send feedback tool.
* Added localizations.
* Fixed: Memory leak while recording.
* Fixed: Delay value for imported gifs.
* 13:38 2016/5/23Fixed: New lines for the dialogs.
* Fixed: When closing the Editor, the Encoder should close too, if there’s nothing being encoded.
* Fixed: Visual glitches.
Known Issues:
* Multi-DPI set of monitors are not supported. The recording will result in a wrong portion of your screen if recorded within the second monitor to the right.
The action stack (that enables the Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y) may “eat” a lot more of your disk space than it should. To avoid this, don’t forget to clear the temp. folder (Options > Temp. Files > Clear).
The board recorder is in a beta state, work in progress.
    Gif动画录制工具|ScreenToGif绿色版 v2.10.0 中文单文件版

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